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Ecstacy tablets
I've been on the critters again and i'm fucked out of my head!
by REL74 February 10, 2010
1. any animal; 2. a cute, small furry animal; 3. a domestic pet; 4. nickname for a little kid; 5. nickname for a female
1. As we sat quietly, the critters became less shy about approaching our campsite. 5. She's a cute little critter.
by Maximally June 11, 2005
A corruption of the word "creature", which literally means something that was created.

1. Both the slang and the correct version of the word generally mean "animal".

2. (derogatory) A person.
1. (Cowboy to cattle herd) Git along critters!

2. (Sheriff to deputy) Lock that critter up!
by Downstrike September 12, 2004
The lowest most disgusting form of a human being possible. Also just an incredibly massive loser.
"Wow that guy is such a huge critter."
by FilthyMan69 December 23, 2007
a critter is a rper who has shitty icons and often does weird things like show emotions in brackets in the middle of comments. they frequent rpvents and get their name from referring to their characters as critters. there is a debate over whether or not they are better writers than most but when it comes down to it they don't care as they are just having fun
"I'm sorry my critter broke up with yours. It's all his fault, not mine! I can't control his actions."
by lolrp February 17, 2009
A miniature, usually woodland animal, that enjoys burrowing to avoid being smushed by large objects.
Look at the critter trapped underneath that bridge.
by Brandon September 19, 2003
1) Those ugly, scary 'things' from the movie.
2) Tiny creatures/animals.
3) Annoying little playgroup kiddies.
"Did you see that horror-like movie, The Critters?!"

"Those little critters are so sweet and furry."

"Those critters have stolen my bar of chocolate!"
by `tr4sh.Y February 20, 2004