A critic is a low-life creature that lacks any talent or ability to contribute anything, yet chooses to verbally attack and put down the works of others. Through usage of long words and general pretenciousness, they pretend to show intelligence and also to appear human like the rest of us, hiding their true parasite form. Everyone has, and is entitled to, an opinion, but a critic makes it their businness to state their opinion to everyone through the media or press, and to state their opinion as fact. If your a musician, film-maker, artist, writer etc, and you see a professional critic writing a review about you, do the right thing and kill them where they stand. If you want to know if a film or band etc is any good, don't read the reviews, ask a friend what they think.
Stephen Fry on Art Critics:- "Imagine, you get to Heaven and St Peter asks what you did with your life and you say, 'Oh I just said what other people did wrong!'"
by Cider Scorpion October 13, 2007
Top Definition
A critic is someone who has no discernible talent so tries to make someone else feel as useless as he/she is.
Critic 'Dude, you SUCK at guitar'
Billy 'Oh, so I guess you're a guitar genius then?'
Critic 'No, I can't play guitar'
by Billy D. Kid June 25, 2006
Critics, more commonly known as Crickets are a strange breed of humans, feeding off the blood of their victims.

Devoid of any talent themselves, Crickets sink their fangs into other peoples talent and drain the hapless victim of all skill and self-respect. Crickets sometimes also can be known to try and rebel against their fellows, resulting in bloody and mass wars, often helped by the Fingerlicans or the party in power at the moment.
"Critics are men who watch a battle from a high place, come down and masturbate over the corpses"

~ Ernest Hemingway on being a critic
by kodiac1 July 03, 2006
A person who judges your definition of a word on UrbanDictionary.
The Critic rejected my word.
by LlamaMama902 January 19, 2015
An objective speaker of the truth. They are commonly seen as low-lifes due to the negative image painted of them by haters. In actuality, most critics are intellectual underdogs.
Artist: Well?
Critic: It's pretty good, though your proportion is slightly off.
Artisti: Hmm, you have a point.

Snobby Artist: Well?
Critic: It's pretty good, though your proportion is slightly off.
Snobby Artist: Oh, as if YOU could do better. Pshaw. I'm gonna go drink tea and listen to Beethoven with my friends. Ta-ta!
by Kyothine December 19, 2009
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