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cristofer is usually a very sexy person. cristofer usually is friends with someone who really really really likes him but he does nothing about it. he goes out with someone else instead. but that doesnt mean cristofer is a mean person. he still is a very hott person. he is also a very nicee person. and a good listnener. he is one of my favoritest computer friends ever. ily budd.
by x0xbrittanyx0x March 17, 2009
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Cris is the biggest dumbfuck of all time he is annoying sometimes but he is cool.
Wow that kid is such a cristofer sometimes
by Eat that pussy445 March 13, 2017
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a fat douchbag. He's usually a try hard that tries to be popular but isn't. He says he can get bitches it's really because everyone feels bad for him. He says he will do great things but he can't even pass a class.
Cristofer- a tryhard
by fufjhfhfhfhshayhdfbtjcjsh April 03, 2017
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