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When someone has gone to the tanning bed to a point when they are dark beyond any human recognition.
That tanning bed mama who toasted her child is one crispy critter.
by electricjam420 July 20, 2012
A person who has suffered extensive, usually fatal, burns.

Military slang, but applicable to the civilian world.
There was one casualty in the hotel fire, a crispy critter.
by robert January 18, 2005
Someone who has taken too much acid, mushrooms, or other hallucinogens and is now in a permanent state of being "crispy" or spaced out.
Lorien and her crispy critter friends are working on their plan to replenish the sun with hydrogen so we can all stay warm.
by moonlion January 19, 2004
Memory loss due to smoking excessive amounts of marijuana. circa 1970s
Man does that dude has crispy critters, he can't even remember his own name.
by Fred Muggs July 29, 2011
A term used for old people whose brains are so fried that they can't think straight.
"That old crispy critter just pulled out and almost hit me!"
by rsed November 10, 2006
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