-to make a joke that no one laughs at.
-after someone says a lame joke, it's as if you can hear the "crickets" because no one laughed.
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
A rather annoying insect that chirps and chirps and is great for keeping one up all night. The females have long ovipositors coming from their ass, and the males do not. Backward, isn't it?
My god! That chick has a cricket! And that fag is cricket-less!
by Kharisma December 14, 2003
To have a joke or comment followed by a silence substantial enough to make the chirping of crickets audible.
"Hey, I got your moms phone number, and I called it", "God damn thats crickets"
by Cokehead December 23, 2002
occur when you call or text someone and they never text you back.

From the cricket noise *chirp chirp* which you can only hear in a quiet room.
I tried to call that guy that I hooked up with and all I got was crickets.
by LMac311 October 21, 2008
The word said to break the silence after an unfunny (lame) joke has been told, usually to place embarrassment on the person who attempted the joke. Sometimes yelled to increase embarrassment.
Person 1: "That's what your mum said last night..."
*Everyone Silent*
Person 2: "CRICKETS!"
by Wilse June 18, 2007
The sound of leather hitting willow that takes me back to my schoolboy days. Me and WG opening for Gloucestershire while the birds were singing and a cool summer breeze blowing southwards towards the pavilion. The rain from the previous creating a rather sticky wicket which one must take guard upon.

In reality its a gentleman's sport which has been distorted by the likes of Hanse Cronje and the Pakistan team over the years.
In the words of 10cc

"I don't like cricket no, no, no."
"I love it!"

And in the words of Inzamum-ul-Huq
"Muhammed what did you do to ball, don't make me get Allah to strike you down"
by Sir Dale esq August 29, 2006
When you prove someone wrong and they have no response.
My boss screamed at me for not completing an assignment he said he had given me. When I showed him that it was still in his brief case, he went all crickets.
by jackel_inthebox March 05, 2006

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