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A person of various undetermined races, often a resident of metropolitan North America. Not a slur per se, more just a way of saying you have no idea and you'd rather not make an ass out of yourself by guessing.
(After the brand of crayons.)
Dick: "Where is Vaj from? Spain?"
Harry: "Dunno. I don't think Spain. Maybe Morocco?"
Dick: "Are you sure? He looks more Hindi than Moroccan."
Harry: "Didn't he say his mom was from Haiti?"
Dick: "I don't remember. His dad looks Russian or Mongolian or something."
Harry: "So you have no idea?"
Dick: "Nope. I guess that makes him a creyola, doesn't it?"
Harry: "Guess so. Hey, isn't he going to med school or something?"
by Krastofer October 10, 2007

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