A very stange... activity (it's not a sport). All rowers are the most big-headed, egotistical, preppy rich-kid pricks on the face of the planet. They claim that their "sport" requires more physical exertion than any other, when in reality, the "sport" is very static... forward, then back... forward, then back. That's about it.
Rower: "Damn, I'm so sore after crew practice that I can barely operate the clutch on my dad's Ferrari."
Football Player: "Dude, you row a boat..."

Rower: "Jeez, my arms are so sore... I hope I can still whack off to pictures of myself tonight..."
Wrestler: "Dude, you row a goddamned boat! That's all you do! It requires little finesse other than the basic fundamentals! Good lord, you ROW A BOAT IN A STRAIGHT LINE!"
by Gollosus Glabborous April 12, 2006
A sport full of drama and teenage angst, where everyone on the team hates everyone else and talks behind people's backs but they pretend to all be best friends.
Person at school: what's wrong with alli and brenna today? They are acting so weird
Other person: oh, you know. They're on crew
Person: ohhh you're right no wonder they're being such bithches!
by crewer January 13, 2015
You'll find them randomly doing stupid stuff. There dumb. Holli ,Emma p, Riley ,JD ,Keaton mady
the crew met up a da club for ice cream
by Shuh whu November 10, 2014

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