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Trefechan is a village north of Merthyr tydfil in South wales UK.
Small very nice modern village on the edge of the Brecon beacons in wales, fantastic countryside, nearest other village cefn Coed y cymmer approx 2 miles.

cefn is where the local trefechan people have to go foe a beer in the three pubs and clubs they have there.

the main towns in the area are Aberdare, merthyr, and Brecon
by creweman April 27, 2008
Crewe a Large town in Cheshire England near Chester
Crewe is a medium sized town in Cheshire in the north west of England, a very working class part of the world, which has had a masive influx of Polish immigrants who are now ten percent of the population,

It has a very important railway junction in the town with direct links to London, Chester, north wales, Liverpool Manchester Glasgow and Birmingham, shrewsbury hereford cardiff and swansea, great place for train spotters.

The town is due for a face lift with plans for a new shopping centre and hotels population approx 70, 000.
by creweman April 27, 2008
British National Party, patriotic and popular political group in the UK
The fastest growing political party in Britain, the BNP are appealing to more and more people due to the population of Britain being very disillusioned by the other main partys in the UK,

The BNP are expected to make massive gains over the next few years their leader is Nick Griffin.

The party is trying to fight Communism in the UK and get Britain out of the European Union, they also want a clamp down on immigration into the already crowded islands of Britain, because of this they have a few enemys from pro immigration and extreme left groups and Islamic immigrants, but many third generation immigrants from west indian and indian background are starting to support the patriotic BNP.
by creweman April 27, 2008
Housing estate, Chester UK
Housing estate in Chester populated by poor white folk in a very afluent city.

The Lache has now picked itself up in recent years after it picked up a very bad reputation, the area was hit by a very bad crime wave due to heroin addicts causing all kinds of problems.

The area is now recovering and it has become a much nicer place to live in the 21st century.
by creweman April 27, 2008

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