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A tiller extension that is long enough to reach from the rear of the cockpit to the front of the cockpit on a sail boat. Normally used as a reenforcement tool to teach new sailors the skills they need to succeed. This is done hitting them with it while underway if they disobey an order or botch a maneuver.
Coach stuck me with a new crew to teach him the ropes. All it took was a couple of hits with the crew trainer and he was where he was supposed, to be doing what he was supposed to do, when he was supposed to do it, without me saying a word.
by Will Parker December 13, 2007
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An employee who works at Wendy's who is allowed to boss people around but can bail out when there's any trouble.
Crew Trainer: I told Justin to get a sweep-down but when that bus came in I punched out and left the manager high and dry in the middle of a rush.
by DesPERRYado November 02, 2004

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