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Acting in a selfish, greedy, or dirtbag-ish fashion.
Ed smoked the blunt, but didn't throw down on it. What a crespo move.
by ellsworth the Eagle December 19, 2011
A person who exhibits exceptional musical talent, as in Jimmy Crespo, lead guitarist for Aerosmith.
Wow, he is a musical genius, such a crespo!
by Carol C February 23, 2014
To tell your friends that you're going home, but not actually do it.
Ted- "Fuck this, I'm going home!"

Blair- "Way to pull a crespo you piece of shit."
by runningcool88 May 24, 2006
To masturbate creepily, more specifically in a public area.

Derived from Puerto Rican singing sensation Elvis Crespo, who was recently accused of masturbating under an airplane blanket next to a woman on his airplane.

To complete a crespo completely, one should later deny any accusations that follow.
"ca...CABRON que carajos estas haciendo? te stas tirando un crespo aki mismo a mi lado?"/ "no me acuerdo"

"dude i just pulled a crespo in lecture today"
by Victor Gomez May 21, 2009
A brand of fucking tasty olives innit. I get mine as tescos.
me: Pass me that jar of delicious crespo brand olives, fag.
by Jack Spack June 09, 2006