A reference to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, in which Zeke is a basketball player who likes to cook.
Creme Brulee! Keep your voice down low! Not another word! No! Not another peep! No!!!!
Top Definition
1. Tasty dessert
2. French's most remarkable example regarding the parthenogenesis phenomenon of accents in common words.
Creme brulee situation.
Guy#1 (American) - do you guys write "créme brulée" or "creme brulée"?
Guy#2 (French) - crème brûlée.
Guy#1 - Holy crap they're multiplying.
by Neila July 12, 2007
The act of taking a shit without wiping your ass and then letting it dry and harden on your cheeks before, later in the day, performing a subsequent shit that must break through the crusty layer to escape.
I was running late for work and didn't have time to wipe so I decided to creme brulee it instead.
by Beagle81 March 06, 2014
A Creme Brulee (or for the fancy and correct - Crème brûlée) occurs when you ejaculate in your partners mouth and they hold it without swallowing, then you throw pepper in their face until they sneeze and explode a spray of creme brulee all over you.
John blew in Alice's mouth then threw pepper in her face until Alice sneezed an awesome Creme Brulee all over John's happy waiting face.
by Bruleemaster2 April 06, 2010
Jizzing on a girl's face and then using a blowtorch to caramelize it.
Man: My girl gave me some nice creme brulee last night. Burnt her face up real good.
by J.P. Licks September 01, 2009
A dessert purchased by girly girls and on occasion, pink shirted men
Girly girl: can I order a creme brulee
by CDMJK November 26, 2007
see above definition.
i had to floss after performing creme brulee on her
by jar bear August 16, 2004
cunnilingus through a scab. The receiving party should have a large scab covering their vaginal opening. The partner performing the act pokes through the scab with his/her tongue, or chews through it with their teeth in order to perform oral sex. Swallowing the scab is optional.
i went down on Zoe and much to my chagrin, a creme brulee was in order to finish the act.
by jar bear August 15, 2004

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