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the part of the arm directly opposite of the elbow that creates the interior angle of the elbow.
Joey lawrence explains to blossom that everyone has a crelbow whoa!
by Anonymous March 27, 2003
The other side of your elbow. Not the bony part, the bendy part.
The bride and groom walked down the aisle, crelbows locked together.
by JM_1979 April 13, 2009
The crevice of an elbow; the interior of an elbow; the part of the arm opposite of the elbow.
-"Ouch, when I bend my elbow, it hurts the inside of my arm."
-"Oh, well that probably means you have a problem with your crelbow."
by Kimberlyn Ann Possible January 16, 2009
When your elbow becomes crusty. Symptoms may vary but many times your elbow will start out wrinkley and end up forming a rough sandpaper-like texture. *for similar information see CRANKLE--marissa's issue...

Warning: Crankle-itis and Crelbow-itis run in the family and may be contagious!
Carly's crelbow formed over many years of falling of her bike, not washing the little crevices in her wrinkley elbow, and lots of dirt and scabbage.
by Sheenita July 16, 2005
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