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A condom with an opening at either end so that two bellends meet in the middle.
"dan and flo cregged down for 8 hours, non stop."
by serin January 06, 2006
1. a gangsta dawg of american descent who resides in the 305 known for his ruthless style of runnin his hood

2. a highly educated, dignified, and handsome young scholar born in the pinecrest area

3. may also be used to represent an all around bad ass motherfucker act
1. "Dem PoPos best stay off dis block cuz p-lee ridin strapped nigga."

2. This, of course, recalls the controversial C-REG v. Board of Education of Miami-Dade case of ‘05, and i think we all know what happened there.

3. damn, you pulled a c-reg!
by kwikfire March 29, 2009
a term for a jewish person with no pants
That creg is a fucking jew with no pants!
by Bob Riker April 04, 2003
The area on either side of your nutsack where the skin gets thick because crotch meets leg
God, my cregs get so sweaty in the summer.
by Dickcake 3000 August 13, 2011
Pronounced like the name Craig.

The area between the crotch and leg.
That jellyfish just totally bit me in the creg.
by JMDaigoro August 01, 2009
A naked wrestling figure that children used to play with in the 1990's.Also known by the name of Mr.Creg.
"I am just going to play with Mr.Creg mummy." {followed by giggles}
by Epitaph_Princess July 25, 2005
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