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-to achieve the status of a creeper
-doing some that would be labled "sketchy" or that would otherwise be seen as the action(s) of a "creeper"
kyle: hey mark, you see that guy outside?

mark: that guy staring at your neighbor's house?

kyle: yeah, he's been standing there for a week now.

mark:.......shit, creeper status right there
by JACKDUDE18 July 03, 2010
1.) When an individual lurks in the shadows of the club watching people but never actually socializes.
2.) When a person follows another in order to get their attention.
3.) When an individual stalks someone on their myspace/facebook profile but does not actually know that person or when they approach someone as if they knew them merely because of seeing their profile.
Alice: Dude, what is wrong with Felipe? He's just chillin' against the wall all shady-like?
May: Yeah, he doesn't like to dance so he's all creeper status in the corner.
by Jockin'Mondo February 15, 2008
to be considered a creeper for any period of time. People can be on creeper-status for just a day, but if they are or have done something especially creepy, they could be on it permanently.
"I hope I don't have to be in Anthony's group because yesterday he randomly grabbed my tits and that put him on creeper-status with me."

"See that emo kid in the corner looking at animal porn on his ipod, um, yeah, he's totally on creeper-status."
by queef queen7 January 18, 2009
Someone who constantly likes, comments, and views you facebook profile page and will always appear on the top of your "Top 10 stalker" lists.
Brandon: Hey do you know that Ann girl?
Nick: Yeah dude she is always liking and commenting on all of my stuff.
Brandon: yeah she is creeper status.
Nick: For real.
by karkis91 July 13, 2010