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creech (noun) combination between creep and mooch. The creech is the person who always invites themself to whatever you are doing. The guy who always ends up showing up even though no one invites him. baggage or dead weight This is also the same guy who comes over uninvited and eats all of your food or orders food for everyone at a restaurant and then shorts on the bill.

works as an adjective too.
How does that creech Jason always seem to show up when we get together? Who invited him?


Look at Matt following those girls like a creechy stray dog. They won't even look him in the eye. He's got a snowball's chance in hell.
by Douglasazo December 06, 2005
To hit on creepily; to creep.
Jacob: This dude was hitting on my girl real creepily.

Brian: Wow. What a real creecher.
by rheaman1992 February 19, 2014

i hate the word creech
the word creech is pointless, it sounds stupid and there are better sounding words that mean the same thing like lurk or creep.
by @r May 07, 2007
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