Is a term used to describe those children of Australian Aboriginal and white descent. It is not used anymore because it was regarded as a racist term.

In other words Half-caste(half-cast)
"Ey, isn't that little boy of Jenkens a creamy?"
"Well I wouldn't call him creamy but yes he is a half-cast"
by MiiaCutiie March 08, 2009
Top Definition
Ultra smooth, cooler than ever
Dang Dawg That Girl Creamy
by Leah December 21, 2003
to be under the influence of Xanax for recreational use.
Motherfucka I'm creamy!
by syndicate July 02, 2012
cool, tight, sweet, sick, ill
Dude did you see that UFC fight last night brah, it was creamy as hell. Randy Couture is the creamiest fighter there is.
by Agent Zer0 October 23, 2009
1. A shameful state.
2. Beyond a pervert.
1. I felt CREAMY when my mom caught me Jacking off!
2. My janitor was beating off in the middle of the Library, What a creamy bastard!
by Grooveman March 31, 2008
feeling like your melting
or the feeling of wanting to melt
feeling soo good that you dont wanna move
you just wanna dance to get to places
i was thizzen so hard in my class i was creamyn all over the room

i was creamin all down the halls to dubee A.K.A sugawolf
by doopedy February 06, 2009
Adj, a word used to desribe anything that can be described in a good or phenominal way.

or and Interjection used as a good exclamation
"I just made an A!" "Creamy!"

That concert was so creamy!

Creamy baige! I just won!
by Jwork October 13, 2010
Sleepy, tired, exhausted, lazy, VERY VERY tired.
"Dude.I'm so freaking Creamy."
"Ugh,today was such a long day, I'm so creamy."
by DGani August 23, 2009

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