A term of praise. To be jizzariffic. Of similar definition to cool or 1337.
Oh.. Creamy!! That is so the shiznid!
Hmmm, she looks so Creamy.
by Vulpine April 10, 2003
1: Something with a smooth texture and flavour
2: The nickname for a large black guy that randomly rants about how he hates BAVE or other such things.
Wow This yogurt sure is creamy.

Did you hear someone tried to sacrifice Creamy!?
by Weston August 21, 2005
A word used to describe a person of a particularly creamy nature.
"What a little creamy"
by Brendan Donohoe April 22, 2007
What defines something that tastes really good and fluffy. If you had creamy frosting, then you would have nice fluffy frosting.
3 musketters candy bar has creamy fluffy chocolate inside it
by lunar shadows October 14, 2004
a white female being pursued by a black male
"Hey marquis wassup??"
"lookin' for the creamies, lookin' for the creamies"
by The Hubb August 17, 2004
chilly or cool in a room, a temperature in a room lower than 50 degrees
Damn its creamy in here i better put on a sweater
by Luanna A May 09, 2006

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