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1. Crazypants is a descriptive word that means weird or insane, not insane in the sense that it means cool as in crazy cool or thats totally insane! Crazypants means insane as in a mental illness.

2. Crazypants is also a place it is a wonderful land where evryone wears cartoon pants!

3. Can be used as and insult or a joke word to mess with friends
1. Joe painted his fingernails! WOW thats crazypants!

Where are you from, the Land of Crazypants?
Shutup Crazypants!

Never to be used as two words, separating the words crazy and pants in a sentence is punishable by law. Unless of course it is being used to describe some crazy looking pants.
by Salaad June 04, 2006
a person who is behaving strangely
that guy has on the crazy pants
by irzab1 August 27, 2009
Someone who is acting extraordinarily crazy.
Person A: Why is that person screaming wildly through the park?
Person B: I don't know, what a crazy pants.
by Lysse Birdz July 19, 2011
overzealous, particularly in spiritual realms; very involved in religion or spirituality with not too much grounding. not necessarily negative, just "out there"
Bob is totally down to earth, but Jeannie? She's a little crazypants.
by snark mcsnarkenson April 14, 2011
a situation that is likened to loud patterned pants. Usually uttered as an exclamation or reaction to a bizarre, often macabre situation.
My uncle bob is crazypants!
by giovanna March 02, 2004