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A senile old man that likes to ramble on and use hickery sticks to beat on things.
crazyoldman rambled on about back in his day when he could buy a hicker stick for 1 penny and use it to poke dead bodies
by crazyoldman June 02, 2003
unfortunate individual with only a single set of cloths who wears the smell encapsulated within them with pride
"do you smell that? its like having a crazyoldman rub his crotch in your face!"
by damotron March 29, 2003
Amazingly hip cat who can groove to any tune.
See that Sammy Davis Jnr. theres a crazyoldman who can jive in any dive.
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
guy with no cat-sense who likes to fuck mermen in their clamps and wield himself.
My God if its isnt crazyoldman, quick son, hide the mermen.
by ninjabadger May 24, 2004
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