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guy with no cat-sense who likes to fuck mermen in their clamps and wield himself.
My God if its isnt crazyoldman, quick son, hide the mermen.
by ninjabadger May 24, 2004
Explanation for circumcision which doesn't involve a rabbi.
No pretty Palestinian girl, I am not a jew, merely the victim of a cocker spaniel.
by ninjabadger May 24, 2004
Phonetic representation of what happens when you try and get it on with a female cow when it very cold.
And then, just when I was about to get the gold top, my peevle got the judders.
by ninjabadger May 24, 2004
Contraction of a saying which refers to businesslike sex with a girl who is not facially attractive.
"You don't look at the mantlepiece when your stoking the fire."
by ninjabadger May 24, 2004
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