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One who is beyond obese. One must have hidden elbows (because too much fat surrounds them) and cankles (ankles as thick as their calves), but must also have a pair of sideways butt cheeks for the back of the neck. A crazyfat will appear to be carrying around a child in a pouch like a giant marsupial while they attempt to walk but merely waddle.
(noun) Dude 1: "Damn dude, did you see that crazyfat! His elbows were black holes, I couldn't see them anywhere"

(adjective) Dude 2: "Yea, I thought his crazyfat neck was storing some chicken wings too"

(adjective) Dude 3: "My dad is pretty fat, but damn! At least he ain't crazyfat"
by itzLogan April 02, 2009
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