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The most badass game ever. Involves 2 milk crates separated at a distance of about a youth soccer field, with a ball such as one used in kickball in the middle of the field. The crates have a hula hoop or some other circular object surrounding them. If anyone from either team is inside that hoop for more than one or two seconds, then they are served with a penalty. This rule basically just prevents people from sitting on the crate or otherwise being a douchebag. The object of the game is to get the ball in the other crate. The game starts with the two teams running towards the ball in the center from their crates, and gameplay continues from there. Gameplay never stops until the end of the game (normally when everyone decides to quit, but you can set a scoring limit). Since the field is divided in half, each team has half the field. If you have the ball, and you go into the other team's half, then if they tag you you have to freeze and throw the ball to someone else. If you are tagged on your side of the field, then nothing happens, and if you are tagged when you dont have the ball on the other side of the field, then nothing happens. Your team scores a point if you manage to get the ball inside the enemy team's crate. The ball can be dribbled, kicked, throw, ran with, etc. There are no rules as to how you can tag a person, either. Tackling is acceptable, as is a feminine slap on the back. There have been many good wrestling matches in the middle of a crateball game.

Generally, teams of about 4-10 work best.
"dude, crateball after class?"
"hell yeah, lemme get the stuff outta my trunk"
by Justin April 11, 2005
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A game similar to tennis that is played with Milk Crates instead of tennis racket. There is no net or boundaries, and the ball is passed back and forth between the players freeform. Invented by students at WPI in 2001, Crateball is a sport mostly used to observe the confused reactions of people walking by.

Look for on to see an archive of the original crateball rules.
Hey, the Annual Crateball Tournament is tomorrow at 2
Thanks, don't forget to bring your paddle
by Jeff Simpson October 13, 2005
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