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a crazy asian
That crazy, squealling, constantly scrumping bitch next door is a crasian.
by DEEZ February 23, 2004
A Crazy Asian that is part of the invasion to take over the world and/or America
Dude! Did you see that mob of crasians!? They're gonna take us over!!

One never sees a Crasian alone!

They're everywhere...
by The Crasian Crew December 18, 2005
Or one crazy ass Asian.
Pomela is a Crasian, who gets 99's on her math midterms
by Dick November 01, 2004
A crazy Asian. Typically Crasians reveal their crazy antics while driving motorized vehicles or otherwise maneuvering through public places.
A car almost hit me as I was walking into the supermarket today. Yes, the driver was a Crasian.

A woman's shopping cart ran over my foot in the supermarket today. Yes, the woman was a Crasian.
by bromine36 October 07, 2011
A hybrid between the words crazy and Asian, often have spiked hair and occasionally wear neon goggles.
dude that crasian just ran head first into that wall and ran away with his head bleeding! Classic crasian.
by the voice of the common cock August 19, 2010
1. Any Asian person who partakes in a random and/or crazy activity.
2. Any Asian who does something stupid or insane.
1.The touring groups of older asian men who go to theme parks in suits and ride the water rides are CRASIANS!
2. That woman who just cut me off in her car and almost crashed is a CRASIAN.
by Chanelle May 07, 2005
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