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A person (usually a woman) who has no qualms about defecating (pooping) in a middle bathroom stall that is in public. A crapwhore always takes the middle stall even when there are free ones all around, usually taking the one next to you and making doing your duties uncomfortable.

A crapwhore tends to leave deadly smells from her adventures.
The crapwhore was just in here so you might want to pin your nose shut.
by Jacob de Lier June 08, 2005
1. A woman who will prostitute herself for feces. Not limited to human feces.
2. A person who is stingy with their feces.
1. You're mom's so nasty, she got fired from her job as a crapwhore.
2. Dude, don't be such a crapwhore, pass that shit over here.
by J^Nizzle October 06, 2003
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