A very randomized word spoken by the infamous, Jessica West.

Also, another word for chapstick

This word, as it have several different meanings, can also be used to describe something odd, strange, ironic, or stupid.
This word is also used by people who attract Germans, sniff dust, or get drunk by invisible liquor (and you can tell it by the use their fingers).

Sicca says (11:26 AM):
they're olnlineee
when we talk about the weirdest things

Kenchow<3 says (11:26 AM):

Sicca says (11:26 AM):

Kenchow<3 says (11:26 AM):

Sicca says (11:26 AM):
it's so crapstick!
by kenchow<3 January 16, 2009
Top Definition
Noun: Any stick with crap on it.

Adj: not good. see bad news bears

Noun: Don't try to pet that dog with that crapstick.

Adj. "Oh crapstick"
by wordman April 14, 2003
Chapstick with grosse stuff on the end of it. Usually from having dirty lips before application.
Dang, you just made some weird crapstick there. Yuck!
by satandracula November 25, 2009
A log. Crapstick usually refers to the long and straight variety of logs. Different from a splat or the squitters. (Once used in a book by Jack Kerouac.)
I built a raft out of crapsticks and sailed the mighty Merrimack.
by Just Joe September 07, 2003
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