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Slang from South West England, a squitter is a thoroughly nasty, smelly, disgusting squirt of liquid or semi-liquid faecal matter. Usually used as a plural, the squitters is an attack of diarrhoea brought on usually by overindulgence in alcoholic refreshment. Using squitter in the singular form means a single squirt of repulsive, stinking, watery shit and by extension a repulsive, stinking, watery shit of a person. In both cases the best thing to do is flush the toilet with plenty of disinfectant.
"Malcolm, you're nothing but a two-faced squitter!"
by AKACroatalin April 16, 2015
Sputtery, disgusting type of crap where you blow your hole out. The toilet is then filled with bits, often requiring a double-flush. Can also be used as verb.
I had the squitters after eating that prune pie.

Last night I had 6 hotdogs, a bag of doritos and a 12-pack of Natty Light. This morning I squittered my brains out for two hours.
by Just Joe September 07, 2003
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