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crap, with shit added
WOH FUCK i stepped in some crapshit
by Paul June 19, 2003
41 19
Exclamation of surprise, especially dismay or other non-favorable excitment (though not always)
Oh great merciful 'crapshit', my hand is stuck in the blender!
by Trey October 20, 2004
40 17
1) lacking the necessary repertoire of rhyming words and/ or urban slang to effectively rap about red bull and/or other people's children

2) the quality of one's actions/speech/or movement in which the perpetrator is devoid of any flow,style, or artistic ability whatsoever.

2) a combination of crap and shit formed in the lower intestine and ushered out the anus daily
1) "i can't rap for crapshit, it's like tap dancing, i can't do that shit...either"

2) billy thought his last interpretive dance movement was poignant and refreshing, most everybody else thought it was crapshit

3) i just took one hell of a crapshit
by darnell tibbins August 21, 2011
2 1