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something that looks terrible
This painting is a swirling miasma of crapitude
by steve austin July 20, 2004
n. A fusion of "crap," (Eng.: feces) and "amplitude" (Eng.: ); a conceptual expression of a general amount or degree of low quality (e.g., in an item, activity or experience); awfulness, miserableness, dullness or inferiority. Usually ironical.
When the furry chick asked me to name my favorite Billy Joel record, I knew that this party was going to max out my tolerance for crapitude.
by Amos the Puppyfucker July 09, 2010
a combination of crappy and attitude:to have a shitty attitude.
The staff at my local Husky store have some serious crapitude.
by Ali holla January 21, 2007
1. The amount of "suck" held in a single fantasy basebal team.
Tom's team is total crapitude!
by The Jesus April 01, 2004