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An anagram created from the word carpet refering mostly to tufted broadloom that is installed wall-to-wall. Contrived by the installation trade to describe the many inherent and various problems (eg shading, crush, wrinkling, delamination, etc.) associated with the final product due to mass production at the mill level of what basically turns out to be very expensive crap.
One installer to another; "It seems every roll of crapet I take out lately has some kind of issue."
by wayne bryce May 28, 2008
A crapet is a crappy carpet. Sacrifice a goat to Bobalhobnish on the third full moon of Novenbuary to get the stains out.
Man, I got to sacrifice that goat of mine to Bovalhobnish soon, or my crapet won't get clean again.
by Phillip1337Curtis April 30, 2011
The ugly, usually brown, carpet found in apartment complexes and rental houses.
I can't live here! This crapet hasn't been replaced in 10 years!
by Tinglemation May 17, 2006

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