The ability to fall asleep in the bathroom stall while doing your duty. A short nap in the bathroom stall.
Man1: "I have a bright red spot in the middle of my forhead because I fell asleep in the stall".
Man2: "Dude, you were taking a crap nap!"
by Anonymous March 18, 2003
Top Definition
When you are tired and/or hung over at work so you go into a stall in the john and take a snooze while sitting on the can.
Where's Charlie?

He was out all night so I think he's in the handicapped stall having a crap nap.
by kb69 January 08, 2004
When you pretend to take a dump at work just to sleep in the stall.
After lunch, I took a 20-minute crapnap. Boy, was that refreshing!
by McLandshark March 19, 2007
When your crap is so strenuous and epic it's a must to nap afterwards. Giving the user the sense of rejuvenation once awake.
You - You look refreshed!
Me - Thank you Katie, I just took a Crap Nap!
You - What's a Crap Nap?
Me - Well Katie, I had to use so much force to dispose of my turd I was wiped out afterwards. Which as result of the force involved, I needed to take a good old fashion Crap Nap to bounce back.
by Horrorspecialty September 28, 2013
n. 1. What women call a shitnap. See also shitnap.
Garden club member #1: "Agnes, you're walking mighty funny this afternoon."
Garden club member #2: "Oh Maxine, I took a crapnap before the meeting, and overslept."
by Sleepshit MaGoo April 24, 2005
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