One of many all-purpose expletives comparable to fuck, shit, damn it or bloody hell, typically uttered when something surprising and/or undesirable has happened. It is considered to be more whimsical and socially acceptable than blatantly dropping the f-bomb in public.

Usage of "crapmonkey" as an expletive is believed to have originated in suburban New England.
"Crapmonkey! I just stabbed myself in the arm with a friggin' pencil. How'd that happen?"
by Captain Crapmonkey February 07, 2005
Top Definition
A reaction of dissatisfaction.
stop being a crap monkey.
crap monkies, I can't find my phone.
by Genessa Radke January 28, 2004
1.A person with a definitive liking for all the wonders of crap.
2.A monkey slinging crap in a red Buick.Why a buick? They are crap.
1.That dude is such a friggin' crap monkey that I can't even belive it! Sick!
2.I just saw a monkey hurlin' crap in this red crap-car! DUDE!
by Nathan April 25, 2003
1. To be lazy
2. To be irritable because one is refusing to do what another asks
3. To be a disappointing individual
1. We are such crapmonkies when we are together.
2. You are such a crapmonkey! Why won't you move that box!

by The Sara November 24, 2007
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