1. waste material that can't be disgested or consumed by a person or an animal. Gooshy texture, horrible smell, good for nothing except to fertilize plants - maybe.

2. anything that can't be used for much of anything. Trash. Something substandard, especially when you need something better.

3. lies. A favorite tool for politicians and used car dealers and others who think you're an idiot.
1. a long time ago I was watching the Tonight Show and Jay Leno was joking about the recent American Music Awards show and the new categories that were added that night, who got nominated, who won and so on. He made up a new category: he said that if you combine country music and rap music what do you get?

Country + Rap makes CRAP.

2. Country was once vital, now it's cliched and formulaic. Since Barf Brooks hit it big it's become dumbed down crap for the yuppies.

3. Rap was once fun and creative as well. The first 3 albums by RUN-D.M.C., and stuff from the Fat Boys, L.L. Cool J and Tone Loc were good but now rap is mostly ultra-violent, pornographic, mysogynistic and stupid crap.

4. So look at what Jay Leno said. Combine today's country and today's rap and what do you get?
by Count Me Out Of It July 30, 2009
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what one says when one is afraid to say shit
Oh crap!
by refl3xive March 25, 2004
An anoying turd that floats in the bottom of your toilet and after 100000 flushes its still there.
Your Mum she doesn't piss off
by Follower March 13, 2003
one of the most commonly used words in the dictionary; it means many many things
(n) 1. a pile of shit 2. the closest word in the dictionary to being a cuss word without actually crossing that line. 3. worthless junk and/or pointless things 4. a great word to say repeditively without other people getting mad at you since you arnt cussing
(v) to take a sed crap
(adj) (crappy) worthless, terrible, shoddy, pointless, etc... (crapfully) 1. badly 2. sincerely (as in the closing of a letter)
what in the crappy crap is going on??
what the hell is this crap all about?
you are a serious piece of crap.
Crapfully yours, The Claw
aw holy CRAP!
you ?#*@ing piece of %^$# %&#$ *^*$ crap %&#^@ crappy *&&#* craped *#@& *%&#*$ %&@*$ *%&^#* crap!
by The Claw May 09, 2005
Shit, Poo, Poop, Dingle Berries, anything relating to feces.
crap >_< I lost again ;_;
by Irtehleetbob. December 15, 2002
pertaining to or related to any mainstreem corprate music made in the last few years
by me August 12, 2003
1. The only word in the English language with a silent 'C' at the beginning. (Alternate spelling: rap)
I can't believe you're listening to this crap.
by Andy November 30, 2004
to shit
I crap my pants all the time.
by DD April 10, 2003
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