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1. Someone who has let another down, usually having reneged on a promise or understanding.

2. A person lacking integrity, who goes back on their word; typically due to laziness, cowardice and/or greed.

3. A severe character flaw, manifestation of irresponsibility.
The previous homeowner was supposed to have replaced the water heater before we'd moved in. Crap bastard!

He/She stood me up again. Crap bastard!

Wasn't he/she supposed to be looking for a job? Crap bastard!
by Kailash September 26, 2006
where do i start? hm.....'crap bastard' is a derogatory term used to describe the most lame and pathetic individuals. especially those trying to be 'cool' and making a total tit out of themselves. also those who let others down in a big way and have no social skills.
friend' i couldnt find that site on the internet'
me 'oh you crap bastard'
friend' i tried'
me' not hard enough you utterly crap bastard'
by sharonmoore September 14, 2006
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