The act of getting a piece of shit or cum and putting it on the inside of a public vending machine. When the item (candy, toy, etc.) drops to the slot, it will land in shit or cum making the buyer disgusted and enraged. Preferably a small candy machine or toy machine works best. A cruel joke to do when bored.
Person A: *jizzes inside vending machine slot.*

Person B: *puts in quaters and cranks handle, reaches in and touches Person A's jizz.*


Person A: Haha, you just got cranked motha fuckaaaaa
by HappyEmoBlake November 21, 2010
Top Definition
If someone has been provoked or wound up enough to get annoyed, respond angrily, or lose their cool, they have been cranked - or they are cranked. The word is then often employed on its own to crank them even further.

See also: To crank, crankage.
Person 1: Haha, that game lacks creative vision.
Person 1: STFU it's a great game you idiot.
Person 2: Cranked.

Person 3: You're all a bunch of knobheads, why don't you leave me alone!
Everyone: Person 3 is cranked.
by KevstarSpillmaster January 23, 2012
Being over intoxicated on a potent substance.
Karen - Man oh man, tammie is sure cranked !
Hank - yeah, she has had to much to drink and now she is in the middle of the road screaming !

Karen - yeah shes totally wasted
by Johnny Flamingo September 11, 2011
To get psyched for an event or to get in a state of mind fitting for an event. To become eager for something to occur.
Henry: Let's get cranked for the karaoke bro!

Friend A: Alright I'll bring all my microphones! I'm so excited!
by preppysweaterboy March 07, 2009
Similar to getting crunk. It is to commense drinking, smoking, sniffing, etc. Anything that causes some type of "high" can be considered as to cause cranking.
What the fuck man??!! I'm on my fifth cup of Bud and you haven't started! Man get the cranking!!!! So we can all get cranked!
by Pablo S. February 12, 2004
to hit someone so hard as to cause serious injury
-dude, I fucking cranked him!
by Erik Rasmussen January 10, 2004
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