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Obnoxious cliquey asian kids with gel filled spikey hair
Those crandles love sticking there fingers in wall sockets
by whatever September 08, 2003
11 9
One of the most loved people around. Filled with fun and always can make someone smile, no matter what goes wrong. Partying is where their life is lived and where everyone loves to see this person.
Dude you are such a Crandle, its rediculous!


Girls: I hope there are some crandles at this party tonight!
by Brentel43 November 26, 2012
0 1
The opposite of Cyphix. Therefore, crandles are terrible with the broads, and usually stay virgins well past their middle age crisis.
Only crandles waste their life playing Dungeons and Dragons in their parents basement.
by Booski January 29, 2006
4 6
used in a situation that is bad, or a negatice connatation
crandle! i burnt my foot
by j33btang February 11, 2008
3 7
in addition to the male penis you light a candle, quickly put it out and stuff it in the girls "area" along with your "unit". The sensation of flesh,wax, and burning is the ultimate sensation for both partners instantly.
The Don Mega on one of his many mack adventures gone wrong

Chanukah just got a whole lot more Kinky... you sons of bitches
by Bouy Stantefeld December 02, 2003
6 10
christina's bear; formerly known as snowball.
We entered Crandle from the armpit. (His favorite spot to get finger-love!)
by ninja May 15, 2004
6 11