crazy anal

one step below insane anal (insanal)

2 steps below branal
guy 1: so what happened with you and that babe that was sitting on your lap last night?
guy 2: she was so wasted, bro. i took advantage of her and did her up the butt. it was crazy, man.
guy 1: that, my good man, is cranal.
by JaguaRuggiero July 28, 2008
Top Definition
a person with their head up their ass; cranium + anal = cranal
man, your teacher is cranal
by sarah September 17, 2003
The combination of crying and anal.
Her ass was so tight but I was about to nut so we had cranal.
by shitsnacks90210 January 15, 2014
To dress ones dick as a bird, preferably a japanese or majestic crane, possibly of paradise, into a an anal cavity of varying desirability
Hey bro, you and so and so are getting close, you tried cranal yet?
by crane-MAN April 05, 2015
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