An arrogant n00bie, who tries to outdo a vet.
n00b: u don't know wut ur talking about, bush is the best prez evar!1!
Vet: STFU, cran!
by Kurumi September 21, 2003
The assorted morsels that compose hamster food.
"Diz, would you like some cran?"
by Chavz December 26, 2006
The way in which idiots pronounce the word crayon, forgetting that there is a y and an o in the word. Most often found in areas in which inbreeding is prevalent.
Joe: Hey Chris, what's that you've got shoved up your ass there?
Chris: Oh, it's a yellow-green cran.
Joe: Don't you mean crayon?
Chris: No.
by kingdick April 22, 2005
Man that new Mars Volta Album was sooo not cran.
by Nelly October 23, 2003
How Jenny pronounces crayon
Jenny - Is that a cran?
Alex- No it's a crayon.
by Alex woodruff January 29, 2016
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