A cool kick ass black metalband.
Dani filth kicks ass!!!
they are the coolest black metal band ever!!!have you heard the band Cradle of filth? Yeah they rock!!!
by cof333 March 30, 2006
A Black Metal band that has recently become popular. You now have a bunch of black metallers pissed because they're one of the first Black Metal bands to become as popular as they are.
Cradle of Filth, the most well known black metal of band to date.
by Bruce D. February 02, 2006
cradle of filth are a good metal band - they have there own sound unlike anything else, i would not call them black metal cuz there more black metal than anything else, there vocals dani filth has a amazing voice, he can do normal melodic singing but he prefers the screeches,
cradle of filth revolves around dani filth. No one really knows anything about the band besides dani. The teenage fan base (usually the feminine) see dani as a sex object. but really with none of the other band members there would be no cradle.
There best albums are "Midian", "bitter suites to succubi", "dusk and her embrace", and "damnation and a day" (in my general opinion)
there latest album "nymphetamine" is also very good. but its alot more melodic than any of there other albums, i enjoy listening to it, but the other fans slag it off.

Cradle of Filth fan: have u heard the knew song by CoF, its called gilded cunt.

Scary-BM-Pagan-Dude: poser! cradle suck! im gunna burn down churches cuz of u know!

*CoF fan sucks the Pagan of his blood*
by Dimmu-666-borgir November 21, 2005
Here's the way I see it.

Cradle of Filth are british (well, not all the members but COF was formed in britain and Dani is british and most of the origional members were british so they are british).

And British metal bands like to do things slightly differently than American metal bands. Take Iron Maiden for example, they were around the same time as Metallica, they are both Heavy Metal bands and yet sound very different.

Cradle Of Filth are a British version of Death / Black Metal. Their music and themselves has all the qualities a black / death metal band needs to to be picky why don't we called them BBM / BDM (british black / death metal).

Anyway, I think COF are an amazing band, just discovered them 6 months ago and allready I am well into their music. I started by listening to songs like: Presents From The Poison Hearted, Her Ghost In The Fog, Saffron's Curse and Cruelty Bought Thee Orchids.

I recommend COF to anyone who is into gothic type music and lyrics, someone who into bands from HIM to Slipknot could like COF. Hell! I am into many different bands and still like COF, amoungst my CD collection is: iron maiden, white / rob zombie, marilyn manson, HIM, slipkot, s.o.a.d, disturbed, murderdolls.

so this just shows that wotever type of metal you're into there's always a place for Cradle Of Filth in your collection who are currently at the top of my CD pile :)
Nymphetamine is coming this September ! ! ! that's just 2 months ! ! !
by robert July 07, 2004
Lovely, cuddly, somewhat Gothic band, who dont take themselves too seriously.
Hence, they are hated by "real" black metal fans because they do things like having a laugh, instead of being "credible" and burning down churches in sweden or something
Dimmy Bugaboo fan: " my favorite band look like Kiss and produce humourless sludge while trying to be scary!"
(implodes under weight of own pseud-ness)
by Skeletal Munchkin December 07, 2004
kick ass band
cradle of filth is THE SHIT
by shiva July 21, 2003
the g8est band ever
probable the best fuckin metal band in the world no other can beet cradle of filth
dani filth fuckin ace ass front man i mean u could never fuckin beet him he is the almighty

there have bin 2meny other ppl in this band 2 name like charles hedger fuckin god
dave pybus fuckin wiked bassist
back up vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva fuck chick rocks
rosie smiths keyboardest godess umung other ppl
by natty the metal head February 12, 2009

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