The most awesome band that ever was. If you don't like them you're probably nuts. =P
Cradle of Filth "r0x0rZ my s0x0rZ".
by Superior_to_you November 10, 2005
Top Definition
An extremely controversial symphonic black metal Band from Britain, formed 91-92. Central themes of satanism, religion, vampirism, womanization, and just general evil.

They are controversial not only because of their satanic and often violent or anti-Christian lyrics, but more over because it is a huge argument whether or not they constitute "real" black metal. A lot of black metallers who like Norse black metal claim that Cradle of Filth is horrible, but fans of Cradle of Filth don't really care WHAT you call it, they just like what they hear.

Front man Dani Filth announced early 2004 that a new full-length album, Nymphetamine, will be released this June from Roadrunner Records. This is after their last album under their first major label, Sony Music.

Cradle of Filth has risen to be one of the most internationally popular black metal/metal bands in the world.
The real name of Dani Filth, the lead singer of Cradle of Filth, is Daniel Davey... what cruel parents.
by Matthew J. Shipton March 03, 2004
Symphonic Black metal. Very good shit, wonderful lyrics. Disturbing videos. Don't take themselves too seriously, almost certainly because they're British, and thats how we do things over here. This only improves them in my opinion, but is probably one of the reasons why loads of goths hate them, since mosts goths take everything way too seriously, and also because they're popular and the majority of goths seem to have some strange thing about hating anything popular. I love em, and complaining about the lyrics is stupid because all their albums have cover slips with the lyrics in them, so read that if you can't hear what they're saying, and NEVER try listening to Arch Enemy.
"Two thousand fattened years like maniacs,
have despoiled our common grave,
now what necrophagous second coming backs,
From the Cradle to Enslave."
by KharBevNor December 14, 2003
Hmmm... they're a great band, they're under a fair bit of scrutiny by those that are more concerned about genre than music. Alternative or not, black metal or not. At the same time some of their listeners have a vandetta towards Marilyn Manson. In the end it all comes down to personal taste though.
To add to what has already started:

MM fan: Cr4dl3 0f f1l+h sux0rs (sic)
CoF fan: 'They're the shizzle!' - Shoots MM fan
Black metaller: 'You're not black metal!' - shoots cradle fan
Random Person: Shoots that person for being a twat.

...And so the cycle continues.
by don't you respond to me June 04, 2004
A rising Black Metal act from the heart of England, they combine soaring melodies with chugging riffs and a solid barricade of double bass drums. Atmospheric and inspirational, Cradle Of Filth have been around since 1992 and are set on the verge of world domination.
Cradle Of Filth are approximately 10,000,000 times better than Marilyn Manson.
by Sinéad September 25, 2003
One of the greatest bands ever....people complain coz there music doesnt fit into any have thought this was a good thing because it makes them really pisses me off when twats saying there true goths say they hate cradle coz cradle are popular....maybe just maybe cradle are popular coz there fuckin excellant.....what the deal with true goths...( aka twats who arnt goths and just wanna look my opinion people shudnt give a fuck about labels ) disliking anything popular
Cruelty Bought Thee Orchids and funeral in carpathia = 2 of the best ever songs
by Mr Sinister November 12, 2004
Ok, let's get something clear here. Cradle of Filth are NOT black metal. They're symphonic, watered down metal with black metal elements, nothing more. Real black metal is Darkthrone, Burzum, Immortal, Mayhem, old Emperor.
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