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Symphonic Black metal. Very good shit, wonderful lyrics. Disturbing videos. Don't take themselves too seriously, almost certainly because they're British, and thats how we do things over here. This only improves them in my opinion, but is probably one of the reasons why loads of goths hate them, since mosts goths take everything way too seriously, and also because they're popular and the majority of goths seem to have some strange thing about hating anything popular. I love em, and complaining about the lyrics is stupid because all their albums have cover slips with the lyrics in them, so read that if you can't hear what they're saying, and NEVER try listening to Arch Enemy.
"Two thousand fattened years like maniacs,
have despoiled our common grave,
now what necrophagous second coming backs,
From the Cradle to Enslave."
by KharBevNor December 14, 2003
A darkly gothic anime series of Thirteen episodes. The main character is actually not Alucard, but Seras Victoria, who becomes a vampire in the first episode. Her attempts to retain her humanity are set against the backdrop of a full-scale secret war betweeen the Hellsing organisation and mysterious forces who are creating artificial vampires. Chuck in a few mad priests, vampire gangsters and a several very cool fights, and you have a surprisingly excellent anime series.
Thoroughly recommended, especially for fans of vampires or action anime. Not for younger viewers.
"In the name of god, impure souls of the living dead shall be banished into eternal damnation, Amen."
by KharBevNor December 14, 2003
A great anime series. Brilliant characters, fantastic plot, great animation, cool designs, excellent atmosphere. It's also so funny that even the fansubs make me laugh, and thats saying something. If your an anime fan and you haven't seen this, your not an anime fan.
"This world is made of...LOVE AND PEACE!"
by KharBevNor December 14, 2003
1: A term used to describe pro-christian black metal bands like Crimson Moonlight and Bloodgood.
2: A term used by black metal elitists to describe anything that does not comply to their personal definition of 'tr00ness'
1: Crimson Moonlight are a good white metal band.
2: OMG WTF Borknagar & Satyricon are So FuckinG White MetAL!!!!!
by KharBevNor November 09, 2004

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