A strange being. The male variety usually has fascist tendencies with a communist background, yet still retains a deep love for all things aryan. The Craddock usually attracts limes and other citrus fruits to their general face area and their ultimate purpose in life is to strive to buy shoes for their Savage associates. They also like cars an unhealthy amount.
Is that someone stealing my car? Must be a Craddock.
by savageee February 09, 2008
Top Definition
An indication of brute strength and unstopable force, the name craddock is often found amoungst steel miners and other labourere
wow look at that guy he is crazy , must be a craddock
by craddock November 20, 2003
A man or woman who has ratbag tendancies. This person will do anything in his/her power in order to achieve their goal (usualy sexual). They will use phrases such as "The truth is not your Friend" and "ratingue"
That craddock is on form tonight!
by Johnny Barnes 502 October 18, 2007
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