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Cracky Chan also known as cracky-chan (cracky-chan is actually the correct version) Is a talented and artistic photographer who has become an icon within the internet subculture. She is a British girl (now a young woman) who took photose of herself dressed in costumes and poses associated with japanese Anime. Considering she was only a young teenager at the the time there is an almost natural ability she has to invest the pictures with a traditional aesthetic but with a truly modern/post-modern context.

A genuine star of the internet, one that will not be forgotten for a long time. If ever she chose it she would have a promising career in photography.

her work can be found on crackypedia (search for it)
Cracky chan is great i love the fact that her photos have a mature aesthetic with vibrant content depicting the concerns of a teenagers life
by culturefreaker May 23, 2008
An (american?) girl who occasionally posts pictures of herself on 4chan. She got the nickname from using make-up to give herself a red nose, making her look like she had been sniffing crack. Other identifieable features are wings, cat-ears and red makeup below her eyes. She is also sometimes called facky-chan.

She is sometimes associated with Nevada-Tan and Wheeker
"ZOMG!!!1 Its teh cracky-chan!"
by DeTaiL !ioMbof0kwo February 24, 2005
A cosplayer girl that has crooked teeth and is fanatised (sexually) by the pedos on slashdot.
I love cracky-chan. She looks like an anime character that I'd have anal sex with!
by John Miro April 03, 2005
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