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Complicated situation or event in life, or elements of
a relationship, which cannot be resolved either quickly
or nicely, mainly because the unfolding, evolving series
of events is beyond your personal control. Such events
often result in any number of catastrophes, such as bodily injury, broken furniture, or other equally traumatic and often creative kinds of invasions.
"When she came home sick from work yesterday afternoon,
my wife found me and Marcia in bed. What a shit twister
that was. I just got home from the ER. "
by weasler November 20, 2006
Excerpt - what lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner would
sound like if sung by Barbara Walters or Elmer Fudd
wockets' wed gware, gave pwoof twouth the night...that
our fwag was still there...wand of the fwee...home of the
bwave (huhuhuhuhuhuh)
Not written as a slap in the face to the United States,
but rather to illuminate the underlying attitude that
pretty much "anything goes"
by weasler February 24, 2006
denigrating, derogatory term used to describe teenage girls
who have recently discovered the pleasures of having sex and are focused to the depraved extreme in having as much of it as possible
"I'm not hangin' with that group of crackrats."

"That cute guy on the football team in on with the crackrats."
by weasler February 21, 2006
epithet accorded to a large penis by someone seeing it
for the first time
"When we went into his bedroom, I saw his stun gun."

"He showed me his stun gun behind the soda machine in the
by weasler February 21, 2006
Semen on teeth and face after performing oral sex.
person either sex performing fellatio on a male but
not swallowing, having semen on teeth and face (grille)
" Last night at my crib she had grille cheese."
by weasler February 21, 2006
very ethusiastic oral sex performed on a male
"When we were together last night, she went cyclonic
on me ! "

" I feel like going cyclonic with you after school ! "
by weasler February 21, 2006
Known as "Divine Wind" this variation of the word usage centers around performing oral sex on a male. The "kamikaze bj" requires a lot of practice and a lot of
intuitive control, because the giver has either his or hands tied or handcuffed behind his or her back, thus making any
intervention with the hands impossible.
This is one sex act in which timing and
knowing your partner are paramount. The
result of trying this without sufficient
understanding, timing, and practice might
be a very unpleasant choking experience
for the giver. The receiver might also choose to be tied or handcuffed too, but
a third person (perhaps filming the
encounter) would have to unshackle both
participants afterwards. This is a most
extreme form of performing and receiving
oral sex.
"Last night Jennifer came over after work
and we tried the 'kamikaze' moves again and
this time it worked so well I almost
passed out. "
by weasler August 09, 2008

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