Cracking is gaining unwanted access to a computer with the intent to destroy data, opposite of hacking which is to gain access to a computer to view and copy data without destroying anything except log files.
Me: I'm going cracking.
Mom: Have fun...

The mom dosen't know that cracking is to destroy computer data.
by HDR February 04, 2004
used to say that someone is so crazy that they are carking on something.
what the fuck are you cracking you shmo!!(lior i love you)
by relish December 15, 2004
gesturing as if cracking a whip, as a means of advertising crack for sale
by VAKI5 August 20, 2003
A point in puberty inwhich a boy's voice fluctuates, such as a female on a menstual period.
Dru's voice is cracking--It's sure to be very deep when he's 18, like mine.
by Jacob Powell February 24, 2004

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