When someone's butt crack is visible above thier pants.
Geez, that guy's cracking really bad. Someone should go tell him to pull his pants up.
by zeko March 06, 2011
verb: to crack

Giving into the temptation of masturbation when deprived of sexually related activities for a prolonged period of time.
Girl1"Do you think Tam's cracked?"

Girl2"Yeah, deffinitely, he cant go a week without cracking!"
by Snakegriffin August 11, 2008
A hillbilly white boy cracker who has gotten into the European Viking Metal craze that goes around trying to act like a viking instead of having a real life. Often, these phonies even try to hide their hillbilly roots by faking a scandinavian ancestry. Much like white boy crackers that become wiggers due to another pervasive musical influence. Often grows facial hair and stops bathing to try to fit the part.
After listenin' to that 'Mon 'Marth CD that was so fuckin' bad-aiss, I decided to become a cracking.
by DinkleDunk55 June 29, 2011
currently typically used by many pedofile geeks who has tendency of obsession with children as sex objects. including taking sexual explicit photographs, Moresting child looking adult femals
What's cracking? oh! snap! look! you gatta a nice ice cold drink here! Would you like to have some? ( The drinks contains some drugs to sedate victims)
by Do u know a rapist Moshe? June 18, 2010
To hit on someone or want someone for sex.
Jim was was really flirty tonight, I think he was cracking on to me.
by Vile Sandra June 26, 2007
something nice or something that you want
those are a cracking pair of boobs!
by Mike Hunt January 30, 2003
A term used by a low quality or mental radio DJ to describe items or fill space.
That was a cracking track from Peter Andre and there's more where that came from on our cracking show. So stay tuned!
by HudsonFanatic May 01, 2005
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