Cracking is gaining unwanted access to a computer with the intent to destroy data, opposite of hacking which is to gain access to a computer to view and copy data without destroying anything except log files.
Me: I'm going cracking.
Mom: Have fun...

The mom dosen't know that cracking is to destroy computer data.
by HDR February 04, 2004
Top Definition
Something sensational, excellent or cool.
Part of 'what's cracking'.
"That was a cracking pool shot!"
"Yo, 'what's cracking' fool?"
by Diego July 17, 2003
Removing copyright protection from copyrighted software. Commonly used to obtain software without paying for it. Cracking is not by inserting a false or used serial number, but to insert other documents and files into the actual program to make it seem like it was registered by a paying customer, when it actually wasn't.
My friend downloaded Microsoft Word, and is cracking it right now.
by Umbepo July 17, 2005
a situation, such as a party, where everyone is dancing and or having a good time.
yo pimpin' you should come through to rick jame's house cuz this shit is cracking.
by alik July 29, 2006
Well used Irish phrase that describes someone who is extremely good looking. Often used with positive superlatives.
Jesus, did you see yer wan? She's absolutely cracking!

Love to have a go of her, she's cracking so she is!
by savingface January 08, 2014
When a person's butt is visibly sticking out of their pants
Me: Kevin was cracking today and I didn't know what to do. I just stood there
by bmc2996 August 09, 2013
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