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When somebody peeks down a girls shirt at her breasts, its like a little boy opening a box of cracker jacks to find the surprise at the bottom of the box.
Did you notice Alex was cracker-jacking Betsy at lunch today?
by FrYivYdiNO March 11, 2009
The practice of police "jacking up" white people in a black neighborhood.
Cop #1 " Sure is quiet today."

Cop #2 " Yeah. Let's go Cracker Jacking in the projects and kill some time."
by Paddlehands November 03, 2009
Gather a group of friends around a cracker. Get everyone to fap and cum over it. Last one to cum has to eat the cracker and his buddies' semen.
My bro keeps losing at cracker jacking, not sure if that's good or bad.
by Dutchbag July 13, 2012
The act of enjoying the snack food Cracker Jacks.
You: Hey man, what's up?
Guy eating Cracker Jacks: Not much, just Cracker Jacking.
by Sun-Wukong April 23, 2011
The act of stealing a caucasian person's vehicle
I'm off for a hard days crackerjacking on the upper east side
by one_eyed_jack May 29, 2009
Hanging out and relaxing.
Chris was just cracker jacking all day long on Saturday.
by kwipzter October 17, 2008
The action of a white person masturbating.
Dude, I went into Al's room and he was totally crackerjacking!
by FrankLangella July 11, 2008

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