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one who has sex with dumbass white boy and don't remember afterword
Nick is such a cracker-jacker
-I hate his dumbass self!
by Nickhater January 17, 2005
1 10
A black gay man that either is only attracted to or only hits on white guys
Friend: Hey, you think that guy is cute?
Black guy: No, I'm only into white guys
Friend: You're such a Cracker Jacker
by CGOLDS15 July 25, 2010
33 12
Nick name for a person who has just finished smoking massive amounts of marijuana and is therefore extremely high. Person normally hallucinates, laughs uncontrollably and/or has no idea what is going on
Look man, its cracker jacker. That must have been good chronic yo.
by Cracker Jacker January 06, 2006
38 34
A person who is not caucasian tries to act like one.
Dude, that Kavyn is such a crackerjacker.
by SirKittyLitter May 17, 2009
1 4
awesome the best
wow crackerjacker is awesome.
by the illusionist September 23, 2003
3 7
A white man that chronically masturbates
Armand: hey tommy did hear about trenner?
Tommy: no, what happened?
Armand: he's a cracker jacker XD!
by afilthyrwner September 02, 2009
13 20
A black guy that watches white porn in the ghetto.
TJ is a cracker jacker beatin' off to those Tight White Girl movies.
by Can't Get Over White Hoes June 22, 2009
6 21