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A hot and sexy guy that is hard to resist being around. When you get to know him, he is soo funny and fun to be around. He can make every day brighter. Seems like a jerk when you first meet him, but is really not. He is nice, caring, funny, sweet, and can be sensitive but does not want to show it. Very strong. Strong on the outside, but nice on the inside.
1. Wow, he is so cute, he must be an Armand.

2. Wow, that dude is ripped, he must be an Armand.
by Ciarra123 December 23, 2009
very fun,you can always trust him,he tends to be good looking,funny,nice,likes to party alot with there friends,when they have a best friend they stay friends for life they tend to only have one best friend but lots of other friends but mostly one best friend.
armand a fun person
by marieeea July 06, 2009
the late brother of M.C. Hammer. Equally as famous for his popular brand of baking soda.
M.C. and his brother Armand ate sugar.
by Haward Malarmalaid September 16, 2007
1. Armand is defined in the spanish dictionary as a person who is annoying and often referred to as a piece of poo that won't flush.
2. The coolest of cool people to ever touch the face of the earth.
1. Stop being an Armand!
2. Wow, I wish I was an Armand.
by Armandooo September 04, 2006

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