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One who is half caucasion and half Japanese.
Term originated several years ago in Illinois as an improvement on the term "jillbilly" in reference to a school friend of Miss Nicole.
Ah! Cracker Jap felt me up!
by miss grace December 02, 2004
one of bothe anglo-saxon and japanese decent
Sean Lennon is a crackerjap.
by brewski February 03, 2004

1. Used as a colloquialism to describe a Caucasian with Japanese heritage.

2. Used in a pejorative sense to describe a Caucasian that tries to emulate Asian nuances, especially Japanese styles.
My father is Japanese-American, which makes him a Cracker Jap. Look at that fool over there - that Cracker Jap thinks just because he watches anime he must be Asian.
by dougyfan13 January 09, 2010
A Girl who is half white and half japanese. Like Cracker-Jack
Hey look at that girl, she's a Crackerjap
by Anonymous September 29, 2003
A white person obsessed with Japanese culture.
"I'm late for the anime convetion!" yelled the obnoxious cracker jap.
by Kevy April 05, 2004
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